Aug 30, 2010 · Tunis Productions Announces "Blood Fare" as a Sustainable Film Project · Press Release

SALT LAKE CITY, UT. – On August 30, 2010, J.A. Steel, the award winning female writer and director, announced her fourth feature "Blood Fare" will follow best practices for sustainable "green" filmmaking; and welcomes Micheline Birkhead to the Tunis Productions "Blood Fare" team, as the Eco/Sustainable Production Executive.

"Blood Fare" ( is a Civil War ghost story with a modern twist, with filming in Utah, Washington, DC and Northern Virginia. The feature stars Gil Gerard, internationally recognized for his lead role as Captain William 'Buck' Rogers in the science fiction movie and television series "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century".

Birkhead is managing director of Clearpath Strategies, and brings over 15 years of experience in Strategic Planning, Program Management, Business Development, Operations, and Marketing. She earned an MBA from Pepperdine University; and is a member of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals, The Association of Environmental Professionals, and The Project Management Institute. Birkhead is a champion for projects like "Blood Fare", that embrace innovation, environmental initiatives, sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); and she is currently an Adjunct Professor and Advisory Board member for Sustainability Programs at California State University Fullerton.

Birkhead will consult on and monitor all aspects of pre-production, production and post-production, utilizing the CSRware ( sustainability management software; and ensure "Blood Fare" meets certification requirements as a green, eco-friendly and sustainable film production.

Fans of Steel and Gerard can support the independent movie "Blood Fare", and receive limited edition rewards through Kickstarter ( and/or IndieGoGo (

Birkhead can be reached at

About J.A. Steel
Steel is a director, producer, actor, videographer, editor, fight choreographer and stunt person, in addition to writer and composer ... and even a distributor ... a unique woman in Hollywood.

"Blood Fare" is Steel's fourth feature film. Her action horror shocker "Denizen", her action supernatural thriller "Salvation", and her action feature "The Third Society" reflect in many ways Steel's real life hobbies of Muay Thai kickboxing, cave diving, motorcycle riding, firearms and edged weapons. All three movies are available on

Steel lives in Los Angeles and Salt Lake City, but prefers the peace of Utah and mountain scenery for her screen writing.

About Tunis Productions, Inc.
A sister company of Warrior Entertainment, Inc, Tunis Productions is bringing A List action to independent film on a micro budget.

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