Sep 11, 2006 · J.A. Steel has been tapped to helm SALVATION · Press Release

Award winning filmmaker J.A. Steel has been tapped to helm the sci-fi/fantasy/horror film SALVATION from Warrior Entertainment.

Warrior Entertainment's latest feature film, SALVATION began filming in Muskogee, Oklahoma earlier this month. SALVATION follows the war in heaven and the battle for men's souls. The Angel of Death, Gabriel, is about to find a successor in 9-year old Michaela Weaver. Michaela is murdered by forces under control of Malchezidek ("Mal"), who has turned against god. Gabriel steals away Michaela, healing her body and training her in the art of war.

Michaela, fully grown, seeks vengeance on the men who killed her. As she administers justice, asking for the evil doers to repent, Mal tries to trick her into becoming one of his minions. Gabriel suspects a plot from Mal and sacrifices her ability to move between Heaven and Earth to save Michaela. Michaela succeeds Gabriel as the Angel of Death, becoming the "new" Gabriel destined to walk the earth fighting Mal's forces and saving men's souls until her own successor is chosen.

2004 Bare Bones Indie Auteur Winner JA Steel will once again take up the "Auteur" title, to direct and produce the script she had written earlier this year. When asked about any additional duties, Steel replied "I still can't act my way out of a wet paper bag... but I'm really good at getting even with the bad guys." Steel will play Gabriel opposite newcomer Ben Bayless as Malchezidek.

Steel's brief bit of training under Anthony De Longis from THE HIGHLANDER: THE SERIES, will come in handy during the extensive swordfight scenes. Steel previously choreographed some of the fight scenes in her previous film THE THIRD SOCIETY. She hopes that the training and practice sword fighting with Bayless will lend itself to an action packed film. "I am hoping for a cross between HIGHLANDER and UNDERWORLD doing what I can with a "B-Movie" budget."

Steel will craft the look of the film with Director of Photography Hartley Powell. Steel and Powell met at the 2004 Bare Bones Film Festival where Powell's VALENCE THEORY won Best Oklahoma Soil Film. Gary Dominguez who was the cameraman on VALENCE THEORY will also sit behind the lense on SALVATION. Jeff Leyerle and Keller Powell will add their previous expertise in sound and SPFX make-up respectively.

Fantasy and Comic Book artist, Kevin Rasel will be doing the concept illustrations and storyboards as well as lending the musical talents of his band, Stronghold, to SALVATION's soundtrack with "Power Rises" from the "Portals of Illusion" CD. Steel is also in negotiations with 4Saken1, a band from Salt Lake City, UT for their song "Lies."

The main role of Michaela will be played by Shakespearean actress Heather Surdukan who had a previous role in WISTERIA: THE STORY OF ALBERT FISH. Glen Jensen will return to his native Oklahoma to play the role of Sheriff Dade, caught up in the middle of the heavenly battle. Devon Brewster will play Guy de Payns. The evil mob boss Vladimir will be played by Brett Flynn. Morris Walker plays Father Murphy, a Catholic Priest who continues to believe in the goodness of the human spirit. Michaela's younger self will be played by Alyssa Wilson. Michaela's father, Jared will be played by Jody Mullins. Ilana by Christina Mahan. Adam Ropp who co-starred with Steel in CEREBRAL PRINT: THE SECRET FILES has a cameo as Monsignor De Culcan. Shane Coble is the Bodyguard. Jeff Leyerle is Count Bourgeois Beaujolais.

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