Jan 8, 2007 · Indie film Director Steel seeks SALVATION in Park City during Sundance · Press Release

Award winning director J.A. Steel will once again screen at the Park City Film Music Festival. Previously Steel won Best Action film score along with the Emily O'Neary Band for her first feature THE THIRD SOCIETY. This time she will screen in the shorts category with the trailer for her sophomore feature film release, SALVATION.

Filmed entirely in Oklahoma, SALVATION opens with the murder of the Knights Templar in 1307 by the Catholic Church for heresy. The souls of two of the Knights burned at the stake, Malchezidek (Ben Bayless), and Gabriel (J.A. Steel) are condemned to continue the heavenly battle between good and evil, fighting for the souls of men. Seeking to end her existence in Purgatory and find Redemption, Gabriel saves murdered 8 year old Michaela (Alyssa Wilson) and hides her away in a small Midwest town run by Sheriff Dade (Glen Jensen).

Several years pass when Michaela (Heather Surdukan) finally confronts the Biker Gang that killed her led by Billy Bedlam (Devon Brewster). Sheriff Dade suddenly has a string of unexplained murders that all lead to Michaela as the killer. Michaela must choose sides in the heavenly battle between Malchezidek and Gabriel and her own existence in Purgatory forever.

Award winning BMI composer Dan Radlauer will be composing the original score for the film. Dan is one of the top composers for Reality Television having won awards for Outback Jack, etc. An accomplished pianist, guitarist, bassist, orchestrator and synthesizer programmer, Dan's ability to compose in many styles from classical, jazz and symphonic music, to rock will add to the musical artistry of the soundtrack being woven by Steel.

Steel has been working with Salt Lake City composer Cody McCallister to craft the theme song, "Prophet's Prayer" and the additional song "Angels Fly".  Cody's song, "Lies" will be the first song off the soundtrack to be made into a music video. Salt Lake City based band Secret Sobriety will be contributing their acoustic powerhouse ballad "End of the World" to the soundtrack for the church scenes.  Emily O'Neary’s new band "M" will contribute at least one song. Steel is still negotiating with Pittsburgh based band, Stronghold, for their song "Power Rises".

Ben Bayless, whose acting previous credits include Patrick Muldoon's body double in "Ice Spiders" will be appearing during the Park City Music Festival along with Steel. Glen Jensen, currently filming "Mercy Man", and Heather Surdukan, currently working on a stage production of Shakespeare's "Titus" will be unable to attend due to their schedules.

Steel is no stranger to music, having gotten her start in negotiating deals for the rock band St. Elmo's Fire in France and Germany. She also produced three songs on Jeff Jones' solo album "Ride". Leaving rock temporarily, Steel worked with Classical Russian piano player Sasha Alexeev in the Asian Market with BMG Asia. Sasha's solo album "Wintertales" featured the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra on the Rock Records label. THE THIRD SOCIETY soundtrack signaled Steel's return to the rock genre with the Emily O'Neary band. The soundtrack's "Angel Tonight" was written by Steel and Emily.

With its emphasis on music used in independent film, the Park City Film Music Festival highlights movies that best utilize music or a variety of music throughout the course of a film. The Park City Film Music Festival runs concurrently with the Sundance and Slamdance Film Festivals January 23-28, 2007. The screenings will take place at the Main Street Mall 333 Main Street Second Level.

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