Jul 27, 2007 · SALVATION to premiere at the Fright Night Film Festival in Louisville, Kentucky and the European debut at the Trash Film Festival in Varazdin, Croatia · Press Release

Independent feature film director J.A. Steel heads to Louisville, Kentucky for the Fright Night Film Festival in August and then to Varazdin, Croatia for the Trash Film Festival.

J.A. Steel is once again on the move with her second independent feature film, SALVATION. SALVATION will screen as part of the Fright Night Film Festival August 17-19 in Louisville, Kentucky . The event will be held at the Clarion Hotel & Conference Center 9700 Bluegrass Pkwy. "The Fright Night Film Fest is committed to helping build audiences for independent horror films. It is the Mid South's Largest Juried Horror and Fantasy Film Festival." Organizer Ken Daniels recently told Fangoria Magazine. Tickets are $15 per person per day or $25 for the whole three days, and are available at the fest's official site at For more information and a full list of the films screening (which is growing by the day), swing by to have a look, and MySpace addicts can check out the fest's page here.

Steel will be on hand at the Kentucky Premiere along with cast members Devon Brewster (Biker 1), Rick "Big Daddy" Moore (Biker 4), and Executive Producer John Ruffner. "I can't wait. It's gonna be fun. The guys are biking in from Oklahoma and driving down from Pennsylvania." Steel said smiling from her home in Herriman, Utah. "I get to party in Kentucky then get to come home and relax for a couple weeks then it's off to Europe."

SALVATION then screens in September as part of the Trash Film Festival held September 13-15 in Varazdin, Croatia. The Trash Film Festival is a festival specialized for low-budget movies, primarily for those films that contain strong action, martial-arts, horror and science fiction attributes. The aim of the festival is to gather filmmakers and film enthusiasts, amateurs as well as professionals, who enjoy the entertaining component of the kinematics, and to reward them for their contribution to film magic.

Filmed entirely in Oklahoma, SALVATION opens with the murder of the Knights Templar in 1307 by the Catholic Church for heresy. The souls of two of the Knights burned at the stake, Malchezidek (Ben Bayless) and Gabriel (J.A. Steel) are condemned to continue the heavenly battle between good and evil, fighting for the souls of men. Seeking to end her existence in Purgatory and find Redemption, Gabriel saves murdered 8 year old Michaela (Alyssa Wilson) and hides her away in a small Midwest town run by Sheriff Dade (Glen Jensen).

Several years pass when Michaela (Heather Surdukan) finally confronts the Biker Gang that killed her led by Billy Bedlam (Devon Brewster). Sheriff Dade suddenly has a string of unexplained murders that all lead to Michaela as the killer. Michaela must choose sides in the heavenly battle between Malchezidek and Gabriel and her own existence in Purgatory forever.

J.A. hopes to take home awards at both festivals to add to her already growing collection. Steel has previously taken top honors for her action film THE THIRD SOCIETY at the Bare Bones Film Festivals, the Park City Film Music Festival, and the B-Movie awards. Her documentary pilot for DIVE THE DEEP BLUE took home an honorable mention at the International Cherokee Film Festival. Her script "Believe", about a fighter's comeback after a nearly fatal accident, took first runner-up at the Script To Screen Festival.

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