Oct 12, 2007 · Warrior Entertainment inks sales deal with MultiVisionnaire Pictures to resurrect THE THIRD SOCIETY and finds SALVATION · Press Release

Warrior Entertainment recently signed a deal with MultiVisionnaire Pictures to represent J.A. Steel's debut feature film THE THIRD SOCIETY for all media outside the United States. The THE THIRD SOCIETY plot focuses on a female cop, Jones, who has 24 hours to save her sister from the Asian Mafia. Released in 2003 to international success, THE THIRD SOCIETY has won Steel numerous accolades for both her filmmaking and her ability to put together an award winning soundtrack. The film stars Sonya Eddy (SEINFELD), Russell Brown (THE AMAZING RACE), and Charles Shen (NIP/TUCK).

MultiVisionnaire Pictures will be at the American Film Market in Santa Monica, California October 31 to November 7, 2007. Steel will be in attendance from Thursday November 1 through Sunday, November 4.

Steel's second feature, SALVATION premiered at the Fright Night Film Festival in Louisville, Kentucky on August 19. SALVATION won its first award as Steel took home an Honorable Mention for her efforts. On September 15, SALVATION made its international debut in Varaždin, Croatia at the Trash Film Festival with a nomination in the Best Science Fiction Film category. SALVATION: THE TRAILER took home a Silver Medal at the 2007 Park City Film Music Festival for Best Use of Music in a Short with honors going to composer Dan Radlauer and Zakky Nova of the band 4Saken1. Like THE THIRD SOCIETY Steel directed the film and its action sequences but also wrote, produced, and had a supporting role acting in the movie. Steel co-edited SALVATION with Emmy Nominated Editor Joe Gressis.

SALVATION then screens in September as part of the Trash Film Festival held September 13-15 in Varazdin, Croatia. The Trash Film Festival is a festival specialized for low-budget movies, primarily for those films that contain strong action, martial-arts, horror and science fiction attributes. The aim of the festival is to gather filmmakers and film enthusiasts, amateurs as well as professionals, who enjoy the entertaining component of the kinematics, and to reward them for their contribution to film magic.

Several years pass when Michaela (Heather Surdukan) confronts the Biker Gang that killed her, led by Billy Bedlam (Devon Brewster). Sheriff Dade suddenly has a string of unexplained murders that all lead to Michaela as the killer. Michaela must choose sides in the heavenly battle between Malchezidek and Gabriel and her own existence in Purgatory forever.

Steel's latest endeavor, another sci-fi action feature entitled OPERATION OVERLORD is currently in development. Steel plans to begin shooting in the early Summer of 2008 with the film to be released in early 2009.

Parties interested in discussing distribution opportunities for THE THIRD SOCIETY should contact MultiVisionnaire Pictures managing partner, Sean Haley at or by visiting the company website at:

Other other inquiries, comments or questions can be directed to Fred Mercer or J.A. Steel at or

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